At one with nature, in the Basque country with Kinda Break

There’s more than just beaches in the Basque Country! Chloé Delanoue, the woman behind the blog, Kinda Break, takes us on a surprising family yomp up and away off the beaten track. Sturdy shoes on feet and rucksack on back, we follow along!

We could be in the Amazon: Kakuetta gorge

Surrounded by luxurious vegetation, a surprise is waiting around every corner of the trail: airy footbridges, caves, and waterfalls. I’d definitely recommend this outing to Sainte-Engrâce. It’s really wild but very easygoing, even with the kids (around two hours).

The suspense builds on Holzarté footbridge

In Larrau, you can cross Holzarté suspension bridge, over a 150m drop. We aren’t scared of heights in our family... but it makes you think! Guaranteed to take your breath away.

Larrun: well worth the climb

It’s a Basque Country institution worth repeating year-round. 905m up, you’ll get unbeatable views out over the ocean. There’s a number of ways to the top, and you can even go up (or come back down) by train.

A break in Sainte-Barbe to take in the Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is my favourite Basque village (my grandparents lived there). If you go for a walk along the coast, take a break on top of Saint-Barbe hill. You’ll find a little chapel and outstanding views, for a moment of real tranquillity.

An afternoon fly fishing in Ustaritz

You see the Basque rivers rolling by, but have ever got in them? That’s just what I’ve got in mind with a fly fishing taster. It’s fun and a great way to relax. Try it out with Glenn Delporte at Made in River. (External link)

Spend a night on top of Pic du Mondarrain

It’s a really easy hike, just 10km or so, and gets you panoramic views. The best way to do it? Do what we do and pitch your tent up there. It’s a campsite with a unique panorama from dusk til dawn.

A weekend in Sare, one of the most beautiful villages in France

There’s so many things to do in this lovely little village... We visited a farm of Kintoa Basque pigs, and Etxola animal park, went for a ride on a pottok (a Basque pony), and explored the caves of Sare.

Getting to the Basque Country