24 hours at Jo & Joe Hossegor

Less than an hour's drive from Biarritz, in Hossegor, the very first Jo & Joe has opened its doors, a cross between a hotel and a youth hostel. Designed by AccorHotels for the new generation of travellers, the hotel is housed in an old town house. The bar and restaurant are open to all. When conviviality and design meet...

10am: A home from home arrival

A large garden planted with trees, an old bourgeois house, a bar-restaurant open to outsiders... At first glance, I realise that the Jo & Joe is not a classic hotel. It combines the comfort of a hotel with the friendliness of a youth hostel. In fact, you feel like you're in a big holiday home with lots of friends!

10.15am: A single or shared room

As in a hotel, you can sleep in a private room, with bathroom and toilet. Here they're called 'yours' and, depending on their size, they can sleep from 2 to 5 people. My room is both simple and original, with a surfboard hanging from the ceiling. The decor is by English designer Lee Penson, who designed the offices of Google and YouTube.

As in a youth hostel, you can also sleep in a large room with other people. I was pleasantly surprised by this dormitory called "Together". High-ceilings and very modern, it's a world away from the impersonal bunk beds I'd seen in youth hostels up to that point.

12pm: Discover the Happy House

When I arrived, I was told about a place outside, a bit out of the way, called the Happy House, where anyone could come and relax, watch a film or cook. It was lunchtime and I didn't feel like going to a restaurant. So I decided to cook myself some meat on the barbecue that is available to Jo & Joe's customers.

5 p.m.: Break in the garden

I'm going to make myself comfortable in one of the big poufs in the park, in the shade of the giant pines. It's a really nice place to be, on this 10,000m² estate! You come here to read, chat with locals or people from all over the world (including many surfers, of course)... or try out the climbing wall.

8pm: Sunset on the beach

The beach is only 5 minutes' walk from the Jo & Joe! So I took the opportunity to admire the sunset with my feet in the sand. That evening, as usual, it was sumptuous.

8.30pm: Dinner

My walk on the beach has whetted my appetite. I head to the bar to place my order. The salads look appetising, but in the end I opt for the famous burger and chips. The chef's philosophy? Only fresh produce and local produce! "Here, only the ice creams are frozen and we make them ourselves", he confirms. 10 minutes later, the beeper I'd been given goes off: my dish is ready! I went and got it from the kitchen counter and sat down at one of the big wooden tables.

10pm: Let the party begin!

There's never a dull moment at Jo & Joe's. Tonight, as is often the case, it's hosting a big party event. This time it's the opening night of the famous French leg of the world surfing championships (Quiksilver and Roxy pro France). For the occasion, Synapson came to mix. The big garden is packed to the rafters!

Day after noon: late breakfast

I went to bed late and woke up to a pleasant surprise: even if I got up at midday, I could still enjoy a good breakfast. The hours here are flexible: lunch from midday to 3pm, dinner from 6pm to 10pm and breakfast all day long! "We have to think of those who have been partying all night", laughs the chef.

Recommendations and advice
Are you a fan of surfing, partying and the Basque country? Hossegor is one of the ideal seaside resorts for your stay. And if you're just as keen on unspoilt nature, you won't be disappointed by the surrounding nature reserves and marine lake. Would you like to help preserve this paradise-like setting? It could start with the means of transport you choose to reach this destination. Train, bike (the Vélodyssée passes through the town), coach and bus are the most eco-responsible solutions. But it can also mean putting together your menus, giving priority of course to local and seasonal produce. And that's exactly what Jo&Joe and many other local restaurateurs are doing. Enjoy your stay in Hossegor!

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