Recipe: Clafoutis by Bergamote & Family

In France, we really like desserts. And they’re even more cause for celebration when the whole family rolls up their sleeves and gets involved. Some crazy food bloggers are inviting you to take the kids into the kitchen and test out some of their sweet recipes – and this week, it’s the clafoutis from Bergamote & Family. You’re in for a treat…

While waiting for cherry season, this is the recipe that needs to be revised – and why not in the company of Isabelle, a.k.a. Bergamote? A small hand draws a nice handful of red berries from the freezer. Then plop, plop, plop… they’re dropped like little balls into a slightly thick pancake batter. Have a go at making clafoutis, a dessert hailing from Limousin in central France which smells divine throughout spring and summer.

Ingredients for 6 people:
400-500g frozen cherries
100g plain/all-purpose flour
50g powdered sugar (preferably unrefined)
3 eggs (from our hens, but roughly normal size)
250ml semi-skimmed (or whole) milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Butter for greasing

Butter and flour your mould. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
Place the frozen cherries on kitchen paper. If they’re slightly frosted or icy, briefly rinse them in lukewarm water and wipe them off. Place at the bottom of the mould.
In a container, beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla. Add the flour and mix until smooth. Gradually pour the milk into the mixture and stir until combined.
Pour the batter over the cherries, and bake for 20 minutes.
After cooling, dust a little icing sugar over the clafoutis. Enjoy!

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