Régis Marcon, a tribute to nature in Auvergne

Régis Marcon took over his mother's little restaurant-café with his wife Michèle in 1978.Joined by their son Jacques in 2004, the Marcon family now works to create a new type of cuisine from the heights of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, in Auvergne. In their home made of untreated wood, glass and steel, they prepare a cuisine that is both innovative and respectful of traditions, where mushrooms and green Puy lentils play a special role.

What made you want to start your career in the kitchen?

It came from my mother's example, as she was always very attached to the values of hospitality, to welcoming people warmly, sincerely.

What is your philosophy in the kitchen?

To create dishes that tell a story, dishes that reflect the surrounding natural environment and the region's traditions. Innovative cuisine where products have taste.

How important is tradition in your kitchen?

Traditions are our roots, our attachment to this earth and our ancestors. Tradition is a base we can count on.

Where do you find inspiration?

It is often the products that guide and inspire us, be that at the market or out in nature. It can also be the fruit of an encounter, of a moment in life... This usually happens while traveling.

What products would you like to introduce to someone coming to France for the first time?

Before anything else, I'd like them to try the way we prepare mushrooms.

What kind of advice would you give tourists looking for a successful culinary experience while in France?

I would give them two pieces of advice: to take the time to learn about the local products of the region in which they are, and to choose products that are in season if possible.

Tell us about your region.

Located in the hills between Ardèche and Auvergne, this region is still intact, with magnificent wild landscapes, forests and pastures. It's home to the green Puy lentils, Vedelou veal and the very special fin gras beef of Mézenc. Explore the prairies, deliciously scented with aromatic herbs, and get lost in the woods while hunting for mushrooms.