5 top spots for families in Eastern France

Stuck for ideas for the weekend? Between heaven and earth, in nature, in fantastic universes: here are five of our favourite activities to enjoy with children in Eastern France.

The Parc du Petit Prince

Happy birthday to the Petit Prince! Between heaven and earth at the foot of the Ballons des Vosges, this theme park (External link) is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Petit Prince this year. It's the world's first aerial park dedicated to the world of Saint-Exupéry's famous book. In a verdant green setting, take to the skies in the two captive balloons, which reach heights of up to 150m. Take in the view and enjoy a totally different experience. There are activities for all tastes and ages here.


Thrills, amazing shows and many other activities are up for grabs at Nigloland (External link) . Nestled at the heart of Aube, the park contains four breathtaking worlds to entertain the whole family. Who will be brave enough to try the Donjon de l’Extrême, the highest rotating free-fall tower in the world? You or your kids*?

*Minimum 1m40 height required

The Argonne Discovery Park

Close your eyes, take a deep breath... the Argonne Discovery Park (External link) is all about tranquillity and well-being. Enter a lush natural environment in the Argonne forest and get off the beaten track. Watch the wolf pack, take part in feeding the other animals or jump and run on the bouncy hammock. Lots of fun and new experiences to be had.


In a rural setting just 15km from Metz, the Walygator (External link) amusement park offers the whole family numerous activities and shows and plunges you into fascinating imaginary universes staged especially for children. And, as we all know, happy kids make happy parents! Go on an adventure and become an 'explorer of sensation' for a day!

The Pierre-Percée Lakes

Activities in Pierre Percée, Pays des Lacs (External link) are fun and varied, from zip wires and tree climbing to fishing and canoeing. 80km from Strasbourg and 27km from Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, the setting of Pierre Percée offers you a real breath of fresh air and tranquillity from May to September. Try some new things and make new family memories.