A winter in Megève by Myriam and Pierre from Wheeled World

Nestled between the Aravis mountain range and Mont Blanc, Megève is renowned for the unique charm of its village and its sublime panoramas, in summer as in winter. It is in this enchanting setting that we spend a few days to recharge our batteries between snow and sun, discovering what this destination has to offer everyone: history, traditions... and emotions.

Charming village: stroll through the narrow streets

Before experiencing a considerable boom with the development of winter sports in the 20th century, Megève was above all an agricultural village: its low altitude allowed farmers to use the pastures for their herds during a long period with mild temperatures.
Even today, the village reflects this history and is full of typical Haute-Savoie heritage. The bell towers with their varied architecture, witnesses of the different styles through the ages, overhang the pedestrian lanes with cobbled streets where horse-drawn carriages still circulate.
Markets, shops, cafés... In the heart of the village, there is a continuous bustle of activity which becomes more pronounced at nightfall. In winter, it is the ideal place to stroll in love in the streets covered with a thin layer of snow: when the sun passes behind the mountain, one takes pleasure in stopping in one of the restaurants of the city centre to warm up by the fire.

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The resort: rediscovering the sensations of skiing, beyond the handicap

In 1933, Megève built the Rochebrune cable car and became the first village to have a cable car dedicated to skiers. Innovative in the field of winter sports, the resort is now committed to giving everyone access to the pleasures of skiing. For several years now, it has been offering accessible infrastructures and equipment adapted for people with disabilities.

The French Ski School works hand in hand with the Loisirs Assis Évasion association, based in Combloux, to offer the best equipment for each person's handicap. Jean-Claude, an outstanding instructor, accompanies me on the slopes of Rochebrune with one objective: to help me rediscover the sensation of skiing independently! Two machines, designed in the region, exist so that a person in a wheelchair can ski alone. They consist of a shell attached to one or two skis (uniski or dual-ski).

I have had the opportunity to try both and the feeling is totally different. The dual-ski gives me total confidence on the slope with increased stability while the uniski allows me to gain speed in a few metres and greater flexibility, thanks to its lightness. Thanks to Jean-Claude's advice, I manage to cross the slope and make a few turns in a very short time... Exciting!

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Around the slopes: relaxing after the effort

Re-learning to ski in a wheelchair is a joy without a name... But it is also demanding on the arms and shoulders! There is no greater pleasure than to be able to relax after a morning of skiing: over a hearty lunch in one of the restaurants at the foot of the slopes, or during a moment of well-being in one of the spas in Megève.

Massages, hammam, sauna, hot baths... Megève is the ideal place to take care of yourself! The village offers an infinite range of possibilities: in one of its many hotels, or at the Palais, the largest leisure complex in the Alps, where the balneo offers outdoor hot baths with a splendid view of the snow-capped mountains... Breathtaking!

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Beyond skiing: the choice is yours!

Other activities are also available for those who wish to find something else in Megève other than skiing, especially for family holidays. On the slopes of Le Jaillet, the 4S luge is a delight for adults and children alike: an excellent way of hurtling down the mountain without risk, on board a machine on rails whose speed you control yourself with the help of manual brakes. At the Palais, the media library and the exhibition hall offer a cultural shelter for bad weather, while the Olympic ice rink where the Megève Hockey Club trains allows everyone to share a moment of conviviality with a facility dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

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