24 hours at L'Incomparable for a nature bath in the Alps

L'Incomparable is one of the largest diamonds in the world. And it is also the new 5-star jewel of the Lodge & Spa Collection, set in one of the most beautiful settings in Savoie: Aix-les-Bains, on the Alpine Riviera. Facing the turquoise waters of Lac du Bourget, this intimate and exclusive address invites you to take a big bath in nature!

9:30 a.m : A setting between mountains and lake

An air of the Mediterranean in the heart of Savoy... As soon as you enter the property, you are won over by the gentle way of life of the Alpine Riviera. A beautiful family home with old-fashioned frames and ironwork, a large gently sloping garden where the panorama of the lake set in the mountains is revealed at every step... As soon as you arrive, you press pause!

10 a.m: A room like a precious cocoon

Noble materials cut to measure, silky fabrics like an ornament... Each of the six suites and nine rooms is a refined cocoon whose every facet invites you to travel, between oriental statuettes and light fixtures with yellow-brown reflections reminiscent of the famous Incomparable diamond! On the lake side, in the suites, the panorama invites itself through immense bay windows where the light sparkles. Dazzling.

1 p.m : Lunch with the flavors of Savoy

Before savoring the cuisine of chef Antoine Cevoz Mamy, a native of the region (born in Aix-les-Bains), we make a detour to the mandala-shaped vegetable garden where he grows herbs and vegetables. With freshly caught fish from the lake and meat from the mountain pastures, it's hard to get more locavore! In the summer, we leave the restaurant room, which opens onto the panorama, to enjoy the view from the terrace. There is no need to try to unravel the mysteries of the menu: it changes every day according to the chef's inspiration and the harvest of the moment.

4pm: Three baths in one!

Faced with such an aquatic landscape, it is difficult to resist the call of the water! You can take a dip in the large lagoon of Lac du Bourget, where the water is almost 27° in summer, before lounging on a sofa by the pool, which is also heated to the right temperature. And for a bubbling bath, head for the terrace, the ideal spot to contemplate the sunset on the lake while relaxing.

8 pm: Star aperitif

In the evening, we like to meet around the pool for an aperitif in the purity of a sky sparkling with a thousand lights. The eyes in the stars, the time stretches in the softness of the light wind that makes the lake shiver. We extend the break on the terrace for a dizzying round of flavors: three, five or seven dishes that the chef accompanies with precious nectars.

8 am: Nature breakfast

After a morning meditation session in the park, what could be better than a 100% natural breakfast? Fresh eggs from the estate's chickens, honey from the house's beehives stamped So Riviera des Alpes... Everything is provided to fill up on vitality before starting a day combining pure Savoy air and vitaminized radiance.

10 am : Detox session at the spa

Semi-precious stone massage or glacier energy-vitality ritual? At the Black Diamond Luxury Spa, we opt for a detox experience! Retreat to the soothing shade of a cabin for a personalized treatment before reconnecting to the light of the Alpine Riviera. Under the trees of the garden, you can learn to walk with awareness before heading to the lake for a yoga paddle session. Did you say disconnection?