Five things you never knew about Les Airelles Palace

This Courchevel Palace has a number of surprises in store for guests, including an exceptional apartment with knock-out views of the snowy mountains, and a take on the Michelin-starred restaurant with Pierre Gagnaire for Les Airelles.

1) The Palace is owned by a TV personality

In 2007 Stéphane Courbit, a French TV personality who liked to holiday in Courchevel, bought Les Airelles, the iconic hotel then belonging to Raymonde Fenestraz, one of the main faces in the upmarket ski resort. This expansive chalet, with sculpted wood balconies, joined the LOV Hotel Collection that same year, and received a complete makeover. It offers something new every season in an effort to satisfy guests who wouldn’t dream of setting down their skis anywhere else.

2) Les Airelles is one of the first French hotels to receive prestigious “Palace” certification

In May 2011, the hotel was awarded “Palace” status alongside seven other French luxury establishments, meaning that the Palace commission granted Les Airelles this much-envied and well-deserved title in its first ever session. From the 48 rooms and suites to Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant with two Michelin stars, and from La Mer spa to the XXL ski room, everything is out of the ordinary. Les Airelles Palace is also a certified Leading Hotel of The World.

3) It contains a 650m² private apartment

Welcome to the Private Apartment: the Palace’s most prestigious suite. Located on the fourth and final floor, it affords beautiful panoramic views of the snowy peaks. Made up of four bedrooms with a decor combining the style of Alpine chalets with that of a 19th century Austro-Hungarian chateau, the 650m² Private Apartment charms guests with its woodwork, original paintings, and regal trimmings. In a guarantee of a unique experience, guests have at their disposal a butler, Bentley with chauffeur, a bar, private spa, home cinema, and terrace with its own outdoor jacuzzi.

4) Chef Pierre Gagnaire with his multiple Michelin stars is at the helm

This year, the Pierre Gagnaire pour Les Airelles restaurant, with its two Michelin stars, is reinventing itself around a fresh concept. New flavours and a reimagined menu are set to delight diners’ taste buds. The Palace contains two further restaurants, Le Coin Savoyard, with traditional local mountain fare, and La Table des Airelles. After a long day of physical exertion, guests can also settle down comfortably in one of the hotel bar’s cosy sofas, and enjoy hot drinks and treats as the fire crackles in the fireplace. Come evening, the bar also serves cocktails, fine vintages, and rare spirits.

5) Kids have their kingdom

The hotel hasn’t overlooked fun for the kids. Within a vast games room, known as the “Children’s Kingdom”, a wide selection of toys are available for the youngest guests. Bigger kids will have hours of fun in the fully equipped arcade room, with games consoles and simulators. Outside, kids can hide away in a wooden treehouse, or enjoy a private ice rink and carousel.

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