Fancy a family challenge in the Alps this summer?

No rest for the wicked in the mountains! This summer season, challenge yourself to some climbing, try an outdoor escape game, treasure hunt or survival course... whatever you choose, it's all in the great outdoors surrounded by stunning scenery, and it won't break any social distancing rules.

Scale the heights

Ever dreamed of climbing trees? In everyday life, it's not that straightforward: there's the fear of taking a risk, falling, or simply being poorly equipped. To try the adventure with peace of mind, head to the Alpine forest at Allevard. Marine, a climbing teacher, will take your whole family to the tops of the giant trees, kitted out with all the necessary equipment, whatever your level. Little ones can also have fun with various sensory activities, learning at their own pace.

Find Tree Time Climbing on Facebook (External link)

Locked up outside

Want the kids to grow a bigger eco-conscience? See them ditch the screens and head out for a breath of fresh air? Allow all siblings to have fun together? At the Bauges Geopark, try the addictive outdoor escape game, suitable for all ages, with challenges to be faced as a team. Everyone will share the collective victory and it's a great opportunity to learn more about the environmental crisis and the need to protect nature.

In Les Saisies, the 'Riddle Game' is suitable for 6 years and up: children need to solve puzzles, pass orienteering tests and take up sporting challenges. Enough to make all of them fall in love with nature and the mountains.

Escape game at Geopark Les Bauges (External link) (French only)
Les Saisies 'Riddle Game' (External link) (French only)

Adventures for the family as individuals

How do you find your way in the forest? How do you start a fire or build a shelter? The wilderness survival course is both useful and quirky, ideal for a family challenge. In La Plagne, the objective is to learn to manage on your own, whatever the conditions. Families in search of adventure and getting back to basics are introduced to survival techniques by Guillaume. Over a day, or two days with accommodation in bivouac tents, this is a real wild immersion that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

GB Montagne (External link)

Earn the treasure

For teens, Chamonix offers a highly active treasure hunt, involving a three-hour walk (or two-hour mountain bike trek) and dozens of puzzles to be solved along the way. The premise is simple: you start with a fable and a sentence to decode, and end with a well-deserved reward.

Another idea: team treasure hunts in Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise, Bessans and Lanslebourg. These tribal treasure hunts can be done with game books, tablets or smartphones according to your preference.

For real freedom, try geocaching and be completely autonomous in all your hunting. Connect to the geocaching site, select Sallanches or Saint Sorlin-d'Arves, and follow the instructions to find the hiding place. NB: once the treasure has been unearthed, you'll need to replace it so that the next person or group can find it.

Ambition Outdoor treasure hunt (External link)
Enigmas in Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise (External link) (French only)
Geocaching (External link) [Geocoaching] (French only)