Childhood memories: in Bourg-Saint-Maurice with Guy Martin

If he is not in his kitchen in Paris, the place where you are most likely to find Guy Martin is in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, in the Alps. Let's join this chef from the Grand Véfour as he visits the valley in the Haute-Tarentaise, where he grew up.

Goat cheese in Les Chapieux

On the way up to the Juglarets' place, I like to stop and taste some of the marvellous goat's cheese produced by the Arpin family. They range from freshly-made to more aged can be tasted and bought on the spot.

The Juglarets' beaufort cheese, in the Vallée des Glaciers

As a kid, I used to join my cousin René when it was time to move the livestock to their seasonal grazing grounds. After a long trek, we would stop at the Julgaret brothers' place, where the polenta was waiting for us like a reward, along with a stew and generous slices of last year's alpine beaufort... Ask to visit the cellar for a unique tasting experience.

The Favre tannery in Séez

A long-standing family-run tannery.This is the place to buy a sheepskin that will make a perfect seat cover in your chalet.

The Church of Saint-Martin-des-Tours in Hauteville-Gondon

In my mind, I can still clearly hear the Christmas songs from my childhood, announcing the arrival of my mum's home-made Yule log. Just next door, the nineteenth-century costume museum retraces the history of our clothing customs.

The Maison de la Pomme in La Chal

Old varieties of apple, pear and apricot trees have been replanted over the years by aficionados. From grafting to pressing, all of the cider-making techniques can be discovered here at the "House of the Apple".

The Arpin spinning mill in Séez

From blankets to plaids, there is so much to explore at this spinning mill, including traditional classics such as the alpine Bonneval fabric, as well as more contemporary collections. My father regularly bought trousers here that were made on the premises from the best wools.

The media library

This facility, open to people from all walks of life and cultures, is a great idea! From puppet shows to animated films for kids and grown-up alike, showing them what it means to dream... An always-enriching stop on the way down the "Grand Rue".

The Saturday market in the Grande Rue

I always find fine, rare and valuable things here, which reflect the personality of the local people. Every season gives us the best of the Tarentaise, a display case of Savoyard know-how.

So who is Guy Martin?

As much at home in the Alps as he is in the kitchen at the Grand Véfour or the 68, Guy Martin, a self-taught chef who earned his first star at the age of just 26, has remained true to his native Savoy. Originally from Bourg-Saint-Maurice, he is its greatest ambassador.

Getting to Bourg-Saint-Maurice