Hiking tracks in France – Spotlight on 10 walk and trekking Itineraries

Walking tracks in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

1/ GR5 -The Alps

A fabulous journey through the [Alps](/en/alps-mont-blanc/list/in-the-alps-this-summer-get-in-touch-with-nature "In the Alps this summer, get in touch with nature"), at your own pace The GR5 Alps Route, which runs from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, crosses the most beautiful Alpine massifs, three parks (Vanoise, Queyras and Mercantour) and several natural reserves. Hiking here offers a timeless escape from everyday life: like walking from the Savoyard pastures to the perched villages of the Maritime Alps, from the mountaintop deserts to the Mediterranean coast.

2/ GR58 - Tour the Queyras on foot

Explore this pastoral gem, located in the heart of the Regional Nature Park of Queyras (External link) . The Tour de Queyras will help you uncover the secrets of this proud territory, from its villages and woodworking artisans to its lakes and torrents.

Trekking tracks in French Riviera, France

3/ The Grande Traversée du Mercantour

Embark on this 16-stage hiking adventure, from the mountains to the sea. Nestled amidst the Alps and the Mediterranean, these 212 km of trails begin in the high Var valley, crossing the valleys of Tinée and Vésubie before ending down in Menton. The Mercantour National Park (External link) abounds with natural treasures.

4/ Track GR4 – Haute Provence, from Grasse to Pont-Saint-Esprit

This route goes along the Pre-Alps from the South to the Gorges of Verdon. It will take you through high limestone plateaux and along rivers that have carved the mountains into picturesque, wild gorges. This itinerary can be done in 3-4 days, depending on the length of the stages you choose .

Hiking in the Ardennes, North East of France

5/ Track GR 654, or the Way of Saint-James

Traverse the great forests of the Ardennes massif, and the undulating valleys of the pre-Ardennes peaks, before coming across Reims Mountain in the centre of the Champagne plains. Then follow the great lakes of Champagne (External link) before leaving the region through the Côte des Bars and the Barrois plateau.

6/ The hike of Two Chateaux

Walk along the same trail that has been used for centuries to connect Europe's largest fortified chateau (35,000 m²) in Sedan, to the fortress of Bouillon, in Belgium. Nature, water and forest are beautifully omnipresent here.

The Vosges Massif in Alsace

7/ Traverse and hike the Vosges Massif on foot (External link)

Hikers have been following the "red rectangle" and crossing the Vosges Massif for 120 years now. The grandiose views and varied landscapes, combined with the area's diverse heritage, make this an undeniably memorable hike and trekking. It has been classified as France's first Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe, guaranteeing the top quality of the trail and walk itself, its signage and infrastructure.

Walk in Lozère in Occitania (External link) , South of France

8/ GR70 - The Stevenson Trail

The Stevenson Trail, between Auvergne and Languedoc-Roussillon, links the southern part of the Massif Central to the deep Cévennes. Rewards include the unique landscapes of Velay, the legendary Gévaudan County, the original Mont Lozère and the sweetness of Cévennes.

9/ A Stroll Through Menhir Country

5,000 years ago, groups of humans marked the landscape here, in Cham des Bondons, and erected giant stone monuments, or megaliths. With nearly 200 stones known today, this site boasts one of the most important concentrations of menhirs in France. The 5-km trail here reveals a part of these monuments, along with breathtaking views of the Causses.