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Poitou-Charentes : starting out from the South West

Regions and cities Working and succeeding in France Poitou-Charentes

No less than 280 miles (450 km) of coastline border the region of Poitou-Charentes. Here, the low tides cover the beaches for miles. In the backcountry, the grain fields make way for the vineyards of Cognac. Not to mention that the towns are overflowing with historical monuments.

Things to know

Region of pioneers

This Romanesque land would be associated with that of Quebec as of the 17th century, when several tens of families settled in and took up trade with the continent. Today, Poitou-Charentes is home to the latest technologies, with the Futuroscope being a must-see attraction.

Some of the companies in the region


For more information, consult the Invest in France Agency’s website

Cultural heritage

The Old Port of La Rochelle

Guarded by the medieval towers of Saint-Nicolas and the Chain, in the 17th and 18th centuries it attracted nearly half of the colonial traffic heading to North America. Today it hosts the Grand Pavois, one of the biggest international in-water boat shows.

Exceptional sites

The Futuroscope

The attractions at this theme park bring together multimedia, cinematic techniques and innovative robotics. The park proposes attractions and shows with striking visual and sensory effects.


The Poitevin Marsh

By boat or by bike, the Poitevin Marsh offers a large variety of landscapes discovered from a maze of canals. Wet marshes, dry marshes and salted meadows extending over nearly 250,000 acres of land, “Green Venice” is the second wettest zone in France. 


Cuisine of the land and the sea

Rather the oysters of Marennes-Oléron and other seafood, meat lovers will prefer lamb served with mojette beans. The goat cheeses here are famous, just like the Charentais melon. How about a glass of Cognac or Pineau to accompany them? 

Events and festivals

Angoulême International Comics Festival

Created in 1974, the Angoulême International Comics Festival is the largest comics festival in Europe. Open to all types of comic books, every year it offers a different theme and its awards are famous worldwide.