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Pays de la Loire : a place with a thousand and one faces

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With 230 miles (368 km) bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the region, which is rich with picturesque ports and renowned seaside resorts, is also one of the fiefdoms of the Loire castles. Vivacious, it also hosts two legendary races: the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Vendée Globe.

Things to know

From the river to the sea

At the crossroads of several regional histories, the Pays de la Loire is an agricultural territory bordered by the Atlantic Ocean from Vendée to southern Brittany. The shipyards bear testimony to the maritime traditions of the region.

Some of the companies in the region

Pays de la Loire

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Cultural heritage

The Château d'Angers

Its 17 towers measuring from 40 to 60m high and its 660m of surrounding wall regally overhang the River Maine. A fortress built in the 13th century, it became the residence of the Dukes of Anjou starting in the 14th century. It is home to the Apocalypse Tapestry, a masterpiece of French medieval tapestry. 

Exceptional sites

The salt marshes

They are what have made the town of Guérande popular. Stretching out over an area of nearly 5,000 acres, these salt marshes, where the fine flower of salt is produced, create incredible mosaics of colours and lighting.


A mild climate and beautiful lighting

France's leading horticultural region thanks to its mild climate, to which the inhabitants owe their way of living, the Pays de la Loire is a region to be discovered on foot, by bike or in a dinghy. Marshes, river banks, etc., the water is always nearby and the natural lighting just splendid.


Vineyard to be discovered

Berlingots from Nantes, brioche from Vendée and salted butter caramel for those with a sweet tooth, and fouaces (a traditional type of bread) with Le Mans-style rillettes, goat cheese or mojette beans from Vendée for those with a savoury tooth. And how about some wine from Saumur or Anjou to accompany them?

Events and festivals

The 24 Hours of Le Mans

Enthusiasts of high-powered cars and speed: stop here. Created in 1923, this legendary, 24-hour car race, takes place every June on a road circuit covering 8,454 miles.