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Midi-Pyrénées : wide open spaces

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Spectacular landscapes, sites and monuments full of character can all be found in the biggest region in France. Etched by hills, vales and gorges and home to the famous Canal du Midi, its major feature is the Pyrénées chain of mountains, which forms a natural border with Spain.

Things to know

Due to its position between France and Spain, the Midi-Pyrénées region has been a place of exchanges since early times, and has a rich university and cultural tradition that exerts a major influence beyond its borders. There is a successful balance between its importance as an agricultural area and the aeronautics industry – number one constructor EADS is based there.

Some of the companies in the region


For more information, consult the Invest in France Agency’s website

Cultural heritage

The Millau viaduct

Officially opened in 2004, its 2,460m length spans the Tarn River. This bridge has broken all the records – it is the highest in the world, with one pylon reaching 343m into the air and attached to the ground in only 7 places. 

Exceptional sites

The Gavarnie cirque

As early as the XIXth century, the writer Victor Hugo spoke of the glacial cirque 6km in diameter and 1,500m high as having “the most mysterious architecture, by the most mysterious of architects”. It is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site.  


The culture of good living

Foie gras du Gers as a starter followed by Quercy lamb or Aveyron veal served with aligot. Next, a Laguiole or Roquefort cheese, ending with some Chasselas grapes. A Gaillac or Madiran wine to wash it all down with.

Events and festivals

Marciac Jazz Festival

Trumpet chorus, single swing, guitar duos… Created in 1978, this jazz festival runs every year from 1 to 15 August, hosting major musicians from the world jazz scene. Its ambassador, the famous American trumpet player, Wynton Marsalis, attends every year.