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French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Regions and cities Adelie Land

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands, between the southern lands, the Antarctic continent and the Indian Ocean, are composed of the Kerguelen and Crozet archipelago districts, the Saint-Paul and Amsterdam Islands, the Adélie Land and the Scattered Islands. There is no permanent population, but there is a scientific and military presence.

Things to know

Lands at the ends of the earth

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands, overseas territories that have had administrative and financial autonomy since 1955, do not have elected assemblies, but are placed under the authority of the superior administrator, a representative of the Government. It is an exclusive economic zone of more than 2,500,000 km2, and constitutes 20 % of the total French maritime area.


Sheep rearing, whaling factory, lobster processing, etc. The islands have all seen attempts at use and settlement. In vain. All of these experiments failed. These areas have no permanent population. Only scientists and soldiers spend several months a year there.

Exceptional sites

Nature reserve

It was created in 2006 and it protects all of the land territories and some of the marine area of the sub-Antarctic districts of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, i.e. Crozet, Kerguelen and Saint-Paul and Amsterdam. 700,000 ha on land and 1,750,000 ha at sea, which makes it France's largest nature reserve. 

Exceptional fauna

While the Crozet Islands and Adélie Land have a high concentration of sea birds (Royal and emperor penguins) and sea mammals, the Scattered Islands have rich ecosystems, the living areas of varied species and the egg-laying areas of green and hawksbill marine turtles.