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Franche-Comté : land of contrasts

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Its 230 km border with Switzerland places Franche-Comté in the heart of Europe. It is a land of contrasts, with rivers, forest fringed lakes and plains bounded by two mountain ranges: the Vosges and the Jura.

Things to know

A balance between nature and industry

A mountainous and forested region, Franche-Comté has always been crossroads for cultural exchanges and trade routes. From its historic clock making industry, it has retained a penchant for precision industries, which now thrive alongside the automotive and railway industries.

Some of the companies in the region


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Cultural heritage

The Besançon Citadel

The fortress looms over the city of which it has become the symbol. Built four centuries ago by Vauban, it is surrounded by ramparts and houses several museums today. It is listed by Unesco as a world heritage site.

Exceptional sites

Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans

This 18th century industrial complex, built by the architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans was meant to be part of an ideal industrial city: 11 buildings constructed in a semi-circle around the manager's house. This utopian architecture is listed by Unesco as a world heritage site.


At nature's pace

"To paint a country, you must know it…" Gustave Courbet, born in 1819 in the Doubs, liked to say. The landscapes immortalised in the native son's canvases can be admired in the museum at Ornans, the village where he was born. 


Locally based cookery

Morteau or Montbéliard sausages as a starter, followed by a fondue made with Comté cheese, accompanied by a vin jaune, and for dessert? Crepes stuffed with Fougerolles cherries or simply a Klaus caramel.


Events and festivals

The Belfort Eurockéennes

Each year, 100,000 festival goers get together for 3 days to attend one of the largest rock festivals. The Belfort Eurockéennes, created in 1989, feature some of the best known names in the music alongside artists who are the insider secrets of the international rock scene