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Centre : on the road of the châteaux

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The Centre region, the historic birth place of France, reveals its architectural treasures. The main towns are distinguished by their majestic cathedrals and their surrounding by the famous chateaux that mark the way along the Loire. All of them bear witness to a rich past.

Things to know

History and modernity

The Centre, in between Paris and the Massif Central, flaunts its riches: cereal growing plains, viticulture, chateaux and natural heritage. Today, the region does not renounce its past but has added cutting edge economic sectors, like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, to its historic riches.

Some of the companies in the region


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Cultural heritage

Chartres Cathedral

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres is one of France's largest cathedrals. This jewel of gothic art was built at the start of the 13th century. It is famous for its 176 stained glass windows and has been listed as a Unesco world heritage site since 1979. 

Exceptional sites

The Chateau of Chambord

Chambord, a symbol of the Renaissance, stands in the heart of a vast forest park. Francois I supervised the work with the help of the no less famous Leonardo da Vinci. Amongst other things, he contributed a superb double helix staircase to the chateau.


The art of gardens

Regional know-how and the favourable climate are demonstrated by the 25 remarkable large gardens. Naturally, there are the gardens and parks of the chateaux but there are also lesser known ones like that of George Sand's estate.


Wines and cheeses

The palates of the most fastidious gourmet's have been conquered by the Centre's goat's cheeses, led by Sainte-Maure, Selles-sur-Cher and crottin de Chavignol. To go with them there are no less than 24 wines. Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray and Sancerre are amongst the most famous.

Events and festivals

The Printemps de Bourges

Each year, since 1977, Bourges bubbles over with activity in the month of April. Its music festival features around 200 well known artists and talented young musicians. It's a major event on the music scene.