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Burgundy : history in the open air

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Sometimes religious, sometimes medieval, Burgundy is home to a rich heritage that is a mix of styles and periods. Its conserved natural sites are outstanding, its canals, which extend over some 1,000 km, are breath-taking.

Things to know

A viticultural kingdom


The kingdom created by the Burgundians in East-Central France was only annexed to France late on by Louis XIV. Burgundy is viticultural and agricultural in the main. Its famous wines play an important part in its economy and contribute to its reputation.


Some of the companies in the region


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Cultural heritage

The Fontenay abbey


The abbey, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, is listed as a Unesco world heritage site. It is one of Europe's oldest Cistercian monasteries, founded in 1118 in a marshy valley. Its church, dormitory, cloister and forge have been perfectly preserved.


Exceptional sites

The Hospices de Beaune


Behind its austere external facade is a flamboyantly rich central courtyard. The former hospital building with its coloured roof is a symbol of the 15th century gothic style and a mythical place.



The canals of Burgundy


On their 1,000 km way, the canals of Burgundy pass through villages, beside castles and cross wooded valleys and agricultural plains. You can travel along them in barges, on foot or on bicycle to discover the secret Burgundy.



Food and wine


Some of Burgundy's regional dishes have become typically French specialities: snails, bœuf bourguignon and coq au vin. As for it wines, they are famous worldwide: Nuits-Saint-Georges, côte de Beaune, Chassagne-Montrachet…


Events and festivals

The sale at the Hospice


For centuries, the wine sale at Hospices de Beaune was held so that the sick and aged could be cared for free of charge. The tradition is being upheld. Even though the funds raised today are used for the upkeep of the hospital installations, the annual candlelight sale is still a major event.