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Brittany : in the West, the end of the world

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Its history, heritage, sheer or luxuriant nature… Brittany is completely bound up with the sea, ever since and forever. It peninsula, in the far west of Europe, makes it feel like the end of the world.

Things to know

A region of land and sea

The Bretons, who came from Wales and Cornwall in the 5th century, gave the region its name. The peninsula's economic mainstay was for a long time the sea trade. Today, tourism is what animates the economy of its 1,100 km of coastline and its moorlands.

Some of the companies in the region


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Cultural heritage

The walled town of Concarneau

The walled town, surrounded by 800 m of fortifications erected in the 4th century, is peopled with granite houses. The old Trinity chapel and the crocodile fountain of the place Saint-Guénolé are remarkable. 

Exceptional sites

The pink granite coast

It stretches over 30 km. This picturesque area of the Côtes-d'Armor is strewn with boulder fields and bordered by the famous coastguard's path. The pink colour of its rock is the unique result of the presence of three minerals in the granite: mica, feldspar and quartz.  


The Fest-noz

During the Fest-noz (festivals), traditional Breton dancers perform to the sound of binious (Breton bagpipes), cornemuses (French bagpipes) and bombardes (Breton double reed instruments). Games of quoits and Breton wrestling reappear during village festivals. Even though the Breton language is resisting the march of time, women in traditional costume are becoming rarer.


Galettes and crêpes, kouign amann, kig-ha-farz

The inevitable galettes and crêpes, kouign amann, kig-ha-farz … In addition to these traditional recipes, very much of the interior, there is also a style of cooking that uses products of the sea: shellfish, cotriade (fish stew), white butter for the sauces…

Events and festivals

The inter-Celtic festival at Lorient

Started in 1971, each year, this music festival brings together groups from all of the Celtic countries and native regions along with the Celtic diaspora. From New Zealand to Scotland, from Australia to Acadia.