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Bordeaux : the world capital of wine

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The town's reputation is founded on pleasures of the table and a rich heritage. Life in France's 6th largest city, in Aquitaine, is good. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Forest of the Landes, Bordeaux stands proudly on the banks of the Garonne.

Things to know

The time of the Gauls

In the 3rd century BC, the Gaulish Bituriges-Vivisques people, who had come from the Bourges region to control the tin trade, decided to found the city of Burdigala (former name of Bordeaux). They planted the first vines there and so established what has always been the heart of Bordeaux's culture and economy. 

Sites and Monuments

Unesco world heritage site

Since 2007, Bordeaux has been listed as a Unesco world heritage site on account of its exceptional urban unity. 350 buildings in an area of 1,810 hectares present a perfect example of classical and neoclassical architecture. 


Night life

In the town centre, bistros and cafés are interspersed with wine bars. Charming restaurants open their doors to tourists and regulars. Later in the evening, the festivities get livelier on the north and south sides of the quays. Discotheques that have set up in barges and former warehouses vaunt their attractions.

Events and festivals

History and contemporary art

With its rich history, Bordeaux's museums can naturally present splendid collections of paintings and decorative arts from the 17th to the 20th centuries. But it is also a centre for contemporary art, with the magnificently restored former Warehouse of Colonial Goods, which hosts exhibitions and events throughout the year.


Viticulture and biotechnologies

Bordeaux, the world capital of wines and spirits with its 14,000 regional producers and internationally renowned wines, is also diversifying into biotechnologies and research. Telecommunications and information technology are also high value added dynamic sectors.