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50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, 1964-2014

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50 years of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations © AFP

Franco-Chinese cooperation contributes to maintaining peace and security as the two countries are members of the UN Security Council. © AFP

"The government of the French Republic and the government of the People's Republic of China have decided, by mutual agreement, to establish diplomatic relations. To this end, they have agreed to appoint ambassadors within three months". This short statement made in January 1964 marked the start of new relations between France and China, rich in diversity. The programme for the 50th anniversary of these relations is a reflection of this, touching on all domains: economic, cultural, scientific and tourism.

The establishment of France-Chinese relations in 1964, under the Presidency of Charles de Gaulle, was a founding moment: this recognition ensured France a unique position in China. It has also contributed to lasting changes in international relations.

Today, Franco-Chinese cooperation contributes to maintaining peace and security as the two countries are members of the UN Security Council. This cooperation encourages common solutions to global issues, such as the fight against climate change.

2014 also marks the 30th anniversary of Franco-Chinese relations in civil nuclear cooperation, a key area which benefits greatly from bilateral cooperation, in the same way as the aeronautic sector.

To support the development of its relations with China, France aims to welcome 50,000 Chinese students in 2015, and has committed to facilitating the visa procedures in order to better accommodate Chinese tourists.

The highlights of the 50th anniversary, reflecting the richness of Franco-Chinese relations

President Xi Jinping's visit to France is the culmination of the various events organised for the 50th anniversary, which highlight all the components of Franco-Chinese friendship.

The opening of the commemorations in January is marked by two prestigious cultural events: a concert by the Republican Guard at the National Museum of China and a cultural and festive "Chinese Night" (Nuit de Chine) at the Grand Palais in Paris. The cultural events organised throughout the year include: a concert by the symphonic orchestra of the Republican Guard, an exhibition in Beijing then Shanghai by the Foundation Charles de Gaulle, eight masterpieces collected by the "Réunion des Musées Nationaux" (French National Museum Alliance) for the opening of the 2014 edition of the Franco-Chinese cultural festival "Croisements".

Events for the general public are also planned on university campuses in China to promote exchanges between young people, particularly in the cultural and scientific fields. These will be attended by distinguished persons such as Cédric Villani, winner of the Fields Medal in mathematics. Winners of a joint maths competition will be awarded a stay in China or France.

France is ready to take action in other areas alongside China: sustainable development (a sustainable city project has been launched), the food-processing industry (French gastronomy and food security in particular), health, digital technology etc. The number, quality and diversity of the events in 2014 attest to the force of France-Chinese friendship. They will further strengthen this Franco-Chinese partnership, and enable each country to better understand the creativity and dynamism of the other.

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